How to take care of your skin on a Rainy day?

Do you know 45% of the fungal infection in skin causes in monsoon? No matter what the weather is you should take care of your skin always. Rainy day is a season when people give less attention to their skin as its breezing outside. The wet weather may create some major issues to skin if it’s not taken care. The expert dermatologist at Esuja recommends 5 important but simple steps to ensure the proper care of your skin.

  1. Using deep face scrubbers and exfoliators,
  2. Using natural oil based face cleanser,
  3. Applying toners,
  4. Wearing sunscreen and
  5. Splashing face and body with rain water.
  1. Using deep face scrubbers and exfoliators:

Your face produce new skin cells in less than 20-30 days depending upon your age. Which leaves dead skin cells attached to the skin. Exfoliating skin makes skin silky smooth as it removes the dead skin cells barrier. The dead skin cells attached to the face and body can cause pimple and skin irritation. It also don’t let the other products applied on the skin easily enter to the skin. Natural exfoliators are the best as it removes the clogging dead cells very quickly. Scrubbing the face gently and exfoliating it every week makes your skin thousand times better than it was previously.

  • Using natural oil based face cleanser:

The wet weather in monsoon can attract more germs and fungus to your skin than ever. The dirt gets stuck to skin which is difficult to remove using ordinary face cleanser. Using ordinary face cleanser may leave your skin dry. So you should use face cleanser which has natural oils in it.

Like every season it is recommended to wash face twice daily, once in morning and once in the evening.

  • Applying toners:

Toner helps skin to tighten its pores. Natural toner like rose water leaves an astonishing effect on face after washing it. Toner reduces the harshness of weather to your skin. It also boosts the effect of moisturizer to your skin. You should use natural alcohol free toner as it gives the best result.

  • Applying sunscreen:

Sun is a very issue when it comes to taking care of skin. Don’t let the dark cloud fool you, you should apply it all the time at day even at home. The harsh UV rays gets penetrated by sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to prevent discoloration and dark spots to your skin caused by sun.

It also prevents premature aging, sun tan and risk of skin cancer. There are various sunscreen available at market. Get the best sunscreen according your skin type by clicking here.

  • Splashing face and body with Rain water:

Why not accept the gift that Mother Nature gives us at this season. Rain water is the purest form of water as it’s not contaminated with any element. It’s the softest form of water. Rain water cleans the skin as well as it gives a natural tone to the skin. So don’t afraid to splash your face rain water. The scientist has also proven that splashing in rain water relieves stress and anxiety.

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