In the summer it becomes very hard to maintain the glow of your skin especially your face. Hot weather causes dehydration because your body loses tons of water every moment. This causes skin irritation, red and dry skin. Our healthy skin gets affected by suntan.

Summer heat means more dirt, more oil and speedier skin cell production. Which means more dead skin cell production. Here are the top 10 most effective skincare tips by the professionals at Esuja.

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  • Washing Face:


It has no telling that washing face brings out your youth looking face. Not only it removes the dirt from the face but it also gives more room to sweat.

Your face releases enormous amount of sweat and oil every day. The dirt gets attracted to that sweat and closes the skin pore. Which lead skin irritation and pimple. It is recommended that you should wash your skin twice daily, once in the morning and once in the night before going to bed. You can find out the most suitable type of face wash by clicking here.

  • Toning Face:

Toning is one of the most important thing that professionals suggest after washing face. Toning makes skin soft and glowing. It also prevents germs from the face. You can use rose water, face powder and other artificial toner.

  • Moisturizing Face:

After washing your face you get rid of all the oils and dirt in the skin. Natural oils which are beneficial in many perspectives also get washed out. Moisturizing helps to get some important oils back in the skin. Moisturizing locks the skin from the rage of the sun. Instantly moisturize your face after washing it. Moisturizing also removes skin wrinkles. Daily moisturizing prevents skin aging. Moisturize the skin immediately after washing it. Find the best collection of skin moisturizers by clicking here.

  • Using Face Scrubber:

In the summer the body releases tons of water, so the skin cells gets dry very often and creates dead cells. These dead cells are very hard to remove and the ordinary face wash can’t do all the job. So dermatologist recommend using face scrub at least once a week. It’ll do magic to your skin as it brings the original look of yours. But it’s also recommended that you shouldn’t use face scrubber too often. There are various face scrubber, choose the best one for you by clicking here.


  •  Proper Hydration:

Your whole body is made of 90% water. Your cell has to release and use it all the time. The toxic of your body gets out through the water. In summer the cell releases more water than it used to, so always keep water with you. Drink water around 3% of your body weight as it rejuvenates both your body and mind.

  • Cold Shower:

Who doesn’t love to have a cold shower after a busy frustrating summer day? The sweat, oils and other lubricants attached to your skin goes washed off after shower. But what so special in cold shower? Cold shower locks the skin pore as it prevents bacteria from attacking the skin. Scientist has proven that cold shower dramatically decreases stress level and stress is the biggest enemy which causes skin aging too fast.

    • Applying Sunscreen:

The harmful UV rays of sun causes wrinkle to your skin. Skin gets tanned very quickly under sun light. So it’s recommended to apply sunscreen to your exposed part of skin. Even if you are at home, you should apply sunscreen. There are two types of sunscreens – mineral sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Each type uses a different mechanism for filtering UV rays and protecting the skin from damage. Find the best sunscreen suited for your skin by clicking here.

  • Using Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are not only for fashion accessories but also for protection purpose. The under skin of eyes are too sensitive compared to other parts of face. Dark circles appears because the UV rays damages the under part of eyes quickly. So use sunglasses and shades whenever it’s scorching heat outside.

    • Proper Diet:

    Skin reflects what we eat. Our diet controls the quality of our skin. Proper vitamins and minerals are essential to maintain the glow of skin. Our cells don’t like unhealthy food. Nutritionist suggest to eat 1 full hand of nuts and eating 35% of alive cells (vegetables, fruits and other naturally grown food) daily. A good eating habit is a good skin care routine.

  • Applying Face and body pack:

Face and body packs are mixes of natural substance which balances the pH of the skin. These packs also clean skin very deeply as it brings out the dirt from the deepest skin layer. Applying face and bodypack for a week dramatically improves skin quality.


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