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Top 5 Skincare & Cosmetics Sites in Bangladesh (E-Commerce)

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In our growing economy of Bangladesh, people are more intended to go for options of convenience and are more concerned about price while shopping for beauty products. People getting more occupied with other tasks these days. Therefore, they search for easier, trustworthy and applicable online shopping options where they can shop anytime as online shops are open 24/7.

Today, most of the online shops have a special shelf for cosmetic items. To ease up for you, we have lined up 5 best cosmetics and beauty products shops in Bangladesh.

1. Esuja.com.bd

, Esuja

Esuja is an online-based e-commerce company that focuses on the beauty and fashion industry. They provide all kinds of authentic cosmetics and fashion goods.

Esuja sells both nationally and internationally and tries to reach every person in their need. Esuja has a good collection of skincare, make-up, hair-care and other beauty accessories of many popular cosmetics brands.

Besides, Esuja is a very well known name among the female crowd as well as the men as they have a very good promotional strategy. Plus occasional discounts and other privileges for their loyal customers help them to be one of the best e-commerce sites of Bangladesh.

Well, you’ll get notified every single time if there is a fabulous sales discount. Sometimes you’ll get promo code which will give you exclusive discount and benefits. You’ll also get email notification service.

Esuja.com.bd is the place where all kinds of people can get their desired beauty care products. We benefit our customers by providing the best cosmetics on the market existing. Our products are mainly France,UK,USA and Korean based.

Our goal is to provide customers with their wanted cosmetics and satisfy them with 100% original branded products.

is the first beauty shopping website of Bangladesh which not only allows you to choose from 10,000+ products ranging over 450 of Brands.

We guarantee of our product’s authenticity and cover all kind of warranties, which makes esuja.com.bd the best cosmetics store in Bangladesh and make your online shopping experience great in BD (Bangladesh).


, Esuja

Shajgoj is one of the most recognized online-based cosmetics retailers. They provide good discounts on beauty products. They import cosmetics directly from UK, USA, France and other countries. Today they are one of the biggest player in the e-commerce cosmetic industry in Bangladesh.

3. Glamy Girl

, Esuja

Glamy Girl is one of the newest players in the cosmetics industry. It has a nice collection of beauty products including makeup, skin & personal care, hair care, feminine hygiene products & other beauty accessories. You can find all of the most popular overseas & local beauty brands’ products on GlamyGirl. 

Here are a few reasons why you should buy cosmetics from GlamyGirl:

  • Reasonable Price
  • Authentic Products
  • Exciting Discounts
  • Good Customer Support
  • Fast Delivery

GlamyGirl is very promising & introducing new things to the industry like student discount, affiliate program etc. So, next time when you’re buying cosmetics online, you should give them a try. 


, Esuja

BanglaShoppers.com is one of the legal retailers of world-class brand cosmetics, imported directly from the USA, Canada, Germany, England, and China.  They started operating in 2013 and their product range is from a common brand name to more unique products that can’t be found easily at any other retail store.
What makes them different from any other retailer online shop is they maintain a strict rule of selling authentic products only and they provide a very quick response and helpful customer service.


, Esuja

Bagdoom gives you the flair to select your category from five well-organized categories – Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Health, and Toiletries.

You can buy face wash, face primer, Vaseline, lotions, etc. to take care of your face and skin. Different oil, hair combs, shampoo, conditioner, clips, bands, hairdryer, and many other hair care items to take the perfect care of your beautiful hair. They often sell clothes. As for make-up, a variety of collections of products such as body lotion, body soap, shower gel, eyeliner, mascara, makeup box, Lipstick, Lip gloss, lip liner, and so on are there waiting to be delivered by a click’s away.Bagdoom categories the products by their actual vendors which is a cool option. You can set your price range to find the product you need that fits your budget.

They are changing their product category to Decorating category.

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